Feeling cold???

Than have a good drink, or a hot Choc. Enjoy the moment and forget about the clock…

For the sweet-tooth

  • Hot chocolate
  • Hot chocolate with whipped cream
  • A piece of cherry pie

    With white chocolate shavings and whipped cream

  • A piece of apple pie

    Without whipped cream

  • A slice of raisin bread with good butter
  • Whipped cream

    And when we say whipped cream, we mean the real deal!

A bite to eat

  • A big piece of cold grill sausage for a few
  • A plate of cheese and sausage
  • A plate of ardennesham
  • Some of this and that
  • A bowl salty nuts
  • A bag of potato chips

Do you want to be even colder???

to cool down a bit…

  • Ice cream Squirrel

    Walnut ice cream and whipped cream and a squirrel’s tinkle

  • Ice cream with a Brown Blob

    Vanilla ice cream, warm chocolate sauce and whipped cream

  • Ice cream Nono

    Vanilla ice cream with advocaat or strawberry sauce and whipped cream

  • For a children’s ice cream you’ll have to walk to the other side.

At a bar table outside or on the bench by the ice cream you cannot order food.
Please order your drinks, pie and soup at the bar.

And if you ever need something to give away:
We have gift vouchers of every price.

Please pay per table.

For your thirst

Enjoy your meal

For the “hotrunners”

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