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Maybe you already tried to translate the information, but we speak in the Brabant’s dialect. This is something we’ve been doing since ages and that is also the charm of our business. The whole company has an authentic look, and everything is related to 100 years ago when it all began.

In den Bockenreyder

“Herberg In den Bockenreyder” is an old pub located in the outskirts, in the woods of Esbeek. Esbeek is located in the south of the Netherlands, close to the Belgian border. We are only accessible via sandy roads, but you can easily come by car or bike. Our name is related to the Bockenreyders, a kind of mythical spooky figures who, centuries ago, would ride across the moorlands on billy goats.

Our place is ideal if you want to drop by for a snack and a drink. We also have beautiful hiking trails in the area ranging from half an hour or longer. Some 700 yards from here you’ll find “De Flaes”, a splendid lake in the moorlands, with a lookout tower, which provides a good view over the water. Entrance to the tower through the gate is with a 1-euro coin.

Sit down for a snack and a drink

If you come to the Bockenreyder you can relax and enjoy the delicious egg plates, soups, sandwiches, ice creams or delicious pies.

We are open every day of the year from 9 o’clock.

You don’t need to book for a reservation, you can just drop by. If you are with a large group, we appreciate it if you would let us know with a call.

From Monday until Thursday our kitchen is open until 6:00 PM.

From Friday until Sunday our kitchen is open until 8:00 PM.

Hope to see
you soon!

You’re welcome, and as we say in Brabant’s dialect “Ge zed welcome”.

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Heb je interesse? Mail dan naar info@indenbockenreyder.nl of bel 013 516 92 48 en vraag naar Riet